GIRL SPEAKS: “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a bitch”

as a kid, i felt like my life was defined by competition – who was smarter, more talented, who was prettier, skinnier than me. at times, i still find myself defensive because my childhood was painted with so much inferiority and it felt like i always had the short end of the stick.

if i dont stick up for myself, who the fuck will?

no one in this life is perfect and maybe thats just that – its life itself; messy, unpredictable, and so completely fucking out of control.

we search for truth, for answers, and as much as we deny it, the unknown scares the shit out of us. so honestly, whats the point of it all?

whats the point in being a good person, in wearing your heart on your sleeve, if life continues to kick you in the ass no matter how much effort you put forth?

whats the point in putting forth kindness and positivity when karma turns a blind eye to the injustice and those whove wronged you just get away, scott-free? the wrongs are never made right and people are riddled with lies and empty promises; the only guarantee is the inescapable disappointment in the universe as a whole.

i dont need anyone coming to my rescue. i believe im fully capable of taking care of my own shit – ill fight my battles alone, simmer alone in my hatred for all those whove wronged me.

i dont need anything from anyone, and i dont owe anyone a single fucking thing.

but i feel like the world owes me; for all thats taken and lost, for the lack of signs or direction, for putting my soul in this body and this brain, for forcing me to deal with shitty people who still live in my mind rentfree.

nothing lasts forever – not you, not me, not this shitty ass universe that is on a mission to welcome us all to the dark side.

maybe none of it – nothing – even matters (everything and everyones temporary anyway). my default is just angst and recklessness, the inability to forget and forgive and the inability to let go.

if this were a competition, id be taking the prize for angry, bitter bitch. years of pent up resentment – thats what i hold.

i hate my ex-best friend who ive known since we were in preschool, who was always trying to one up me as we rounded the corner into high school, the type a kind of asshole whod push me to tell her my test scores even though she knew i had failed.

i hate the first boy who decimated my faith and trust in humanity (its been almost a decade and i still dream of the day he gets run over by a bus).

i hate my ex-dogsitter (“friend”), who would always remind me how much skinnier she was compared to me and wouldnt shut the fuck up about how “tiny” she was. she knew i struggled with body image, but she just had to push me to my breaking point in which ive opted to skip meals for the spirit of competition. if only she could see me now, the drastic weight loss – i just survive, barely eating unless stoned and feeding off pills for sustenance (and sanity).

i guess i always feel like i have something i need to prove to show that im worthy. im tired of trying, to vouch for myself and show im capable.

ive made my peace with letting people go – its not so difficult when you dont really let them in to begin with. letting go of the situations and learning to forgive – now thats out of the question (even if it destroys me from the inside).

in the end of the day, maybe im just “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a bitch.”

and im okay with that. being a “good person” has never lead to anything but hurt and betrayal anyway.

nothing lasts forever, and there is no point in supporting and tiptoeing around people who dont have a place in your life when there was never a silver lining to begin with.

GFY, fleur


  1. this is something i’ve been struggling with myself. not just how to be good in a bad world, but *why*? what is the fucking point?

    the truth is, i used to be a relatively shitty person, so now i can look back on that time in my life and say “well i already did that and it wasn’t for me” …

    let me tell you something about people, girlwithlandline. people are all different. our brains aren’t all wired the same. some people are just not designed to be evil. when i was a shithead, i wasn’t aware of all the shit i was doing, but it *has* come back to haunt me extensively now that i’ve snapped out of it and started letting my anger transmute to grief and self-love. this is the path to joy. it’s also the path out of the snare of the hunter, which is the mental trauma that keeps you there, long after the event has passed.

    i hope i make sense, it’s early. I guess what I’m trying to say is I see something in you, and it’s definitely not evil. as long as you try to be one of the shitty people, you will be working at cross purposes to that part of you that *knows* this world needs to heal and grow into love and life, not fester and metastasize into more of the Nightmare

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    1. im so glad you can relate! i feel like “whats the point” has been on my mind alot esp seeing shitty people grow and get the things they want. i admit ive done some pretty shitty things and my best friend and i shit talk alot (i guess i bring out the mean girl in her lolol). i think in the end of the day hurt people often hurt others as cliche as that sounds (and im one of those since i feel the constant angst and pain). thank you so much for your support and i cherish ur comments so much 🥺🥺

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